10 April 2011

Starting "Tot School"

~G is 31 months and A is 12 months~

I happened across Carissa's blog over at 1+1+1=1 a couple months back and I couldn't believe what I discovered. Simply awesome ideas to do with your tot! Also, feeling a little convicted, I realized I was not taking time out for my beloved children! Life had me so wrapped up in cleaning house, making it to functions, planning dinners and more that I hadn't been taking specific time out of my "busy day" to play and teach my own sons. I loved the idea of "playing with a purpose" while enjoying my babies company. This is a glimpse at some of this past weeks activities and games. So, here we go on an adventure through Tot School!

G learning his letter sounds with the help of Leap Frog Fridge Phonics and A playing with the letters!

A staking his blocks for the first time!

This was one of G's Tot trays for the week. It has three different colored counting bears and he had to sort them into the corresponding colored cups.

A got two of his own colored cups and bears and loved putting them in and pouring them out.

Here is G sorting his bears! He would say the colors as he sorted :)

Of course A had to play with G's counting bears because obviously his weren't fun anymore.
G Putting together a smiley face craft from Oriental Trading Company. He absolutely loves "doing crafts!".

Stacking blocks again.

This is a printable I got from Confessions of a Homeschooler. It went well with our Easter theme for the month. He is putting different colored magnets on the circles. He really enjoyed this.

And little bro had to join in on the magnet fun!

This Easter themed tot tray activity was for G. On every Easter egg is a lowercase letter and in the bunny jar are the matching uppercase tops. He had to match the upper and lowercase letters! G did very well and was extremely proud of himself when he finished!


Do I even have to explain this one AGAIN!

A stacking his sorting rings! This didn't last very long this week because he was teething and SUPER grouchy!

A LOVES the magnets I have been rotating on the fridge. Here he is playing with his Leap Frog matching vehicles.

Honestly, I LOVED every minute this past week. I actually got down on the FLOOR (I know it's crazy) and played, watched my boys play, and laughed! What a special time this is in there life and mine! I feel so blessed!

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